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Golfers spend countless hours practicing their stance, and countless dollars on clubs and other equipment.  But at the end of the day, it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.

If you want to take your game from good to great, it's all about the swing.  Once you've mastered the right swing, your golf game will improve.  If your swing is weak or wobbly, your game will suffer.  That's the bottom line.  Learning how to swing a club is not only the most important golf lesson you'll learn, it's also one of the most difficult.

Not everyone can just pick up a golf club and swing like a pro.  Most of us find that the golf club feels awkward at first, and the notion of swinging it properly can seem like no more than a distant dream.  

When gripping your golf club, it's important to think of your hands as one.  If your hands are working together to create a smooth, accurate golf swing, you will see improvements in your game. There is more than one proper way to grip a golf club.  Just remember to keep both hands working as one unit, and you'll have a much better golf game for it.

The kind of grip pressure that you typically work with is another important element in your golf swing.  Don't grip the golf club too tightly, or you will risk taking away much of the power that is, or at least should be, concentrated in your golf game. A lighter grip provides necessary flexibility.  Don't let the club fly out of your hands, but do allow yourself to use a little of your wrist in the swing.  The wrist hinge is a wonderful source of swing power, and can bring out the best in any golfer's game.

A lighter grip benefits your game in more ways than one.  For example, gripping the club with a lighter hand will allow for more clubface rotation, giving you a better shot at squaring the club. This is essential to a good golf game, so try to keep this rule in mind the next time you're taking a shot.  If you are looking for a way to improve your golf swing, try using a mid-range grip.  This gives you the most versatility and the greatest degree of flexibility.

Before you invest hundreds of dollars in a new set of clubs or pricey private lessons, start with the basics.  Changing your grip might be all you need to improve your swing and perfect your game.
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