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Stretch Your Way to a Better Golf Game PDF  | Print |  E-mail
You can benefit from golf training tips no matter how advanced your skill level is. Whether you're a scratch player or just a beginner, you can always stand to improve your game. No matter what you skill level, you want to be able to beat your friends on a consistent basis and win those bets on who can drive the farthest, who can make that tough double-break putt, and who can match up hole to hole.

The best way to guarantee total domination of the other players in your group is to train and practice. Get those buckets of golf balls at the driving range. Play around the putting green shot after shot. Practice your short game in your backyard during those free moments between steaks on the grill. And always remember to stretch!

You guessed right. Perfecting your swing or adjusting your grip are not the sole focuses of golf training tips and practices. Part of the process means fine-tuning your body to perform at its pinnacle for all eighteen holes. There is no better way to optimize your muscles and joints before and after a round than stretching.

To start, stretching before the first tee helps to minimize your risk of injury. You can't compete with your golfing partners if you have a strained rotator cuff. Even more, stretching offers more concrete benefits such as increased flexibility, increased stamina, and better performance.

For those of you who were never really into athletics in school, or played so long ago that they forget their pregame calisthenics, here are a couple stretching golf training tips to get you started. First, remember to warm up a bit before stretching. This warm-up could be a brisk walk to the clubhouse or around the club. Swing your club several times. Lug your bag to the driving range.

Once you're warmed up, start stretching. Whatever stretch you do, don't bounce or make quick movements. Stretch out slowly and gracefully, holding at the furthest point you can stretch. Never extend yourself to the point to the point of pain. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds, and repeat twice if you feel it's necessary.
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